DinoSystem is a survival game set in a computer simulated ecosystem. Every element of the world is emergent and evolves over time according to physical and biological rules.


  • Self-sufficient ecosystem simulation: the game simulates everything from plants, animals and weather to seasons and day/night cycle. All game objects evolve over time according to simulated parameters, nothing “spawns” from nothing: kill all animals or plants of a given species, and it will become extinct.
  • God mode: manage the ecosystem, introduce new animals, mess with the weather, alter the world temperature or lay destruction with asteroids and other calamities.
  • Survival mode: join the ecosystem as a survivor; the player requires to eat, drink, sleep and craft what’s needed. The survival mechanics even track his/her body metabolism, which changes according to the way you survive, also getting or losing muscle and fat. Dinosaurs may be playable as well in the final game.
  • Temperature: the temperature model is very realistic as everything is taken into account; from proximity to fire, being soaked, wind chill, sun exposure and being idle/sleeping.
  • Stats and Skills: complex skill system which allows to learn, and even unlearn things you don’t practice enough. Stats like strength and athletics depending on character muscle mass, metabolism, weight and general condition.
  • Dino breeder: get familiarity with the ancient beasts, learn how to handle them, steal an egg and raise your own triceratops! One planned feature is to have a genetic pool that each animal inherits from its parents: this will generate a principle of natural selection (and thus small-scale evolution), and will give you a reason to breed a particular animal.
  • Open-endedness: the game has no fixed purpose to fulfill; play as long as you like, experiment with the dynamic world, see how far you can go and how fat you can get, survive the apocalypse, or die of dysentery and starvation! The world keeps changing and you with it.



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