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gif animation2 Formicarium   Dwarf Fortress meets SimAnt + xkcd Genetics



Formicarium uses a simplified model of genetics as a game-play element, so that you can design the very body and genetic expression of your ants, shaping them to your needs as a player.
ant genetics 16x9 1024x576 Formicarium   Dwarf Fortress meets SimAnt + xkcd Genetics


Far more complex than a simple platform game, Formicarium is strategy-based and tactically-driven. A bit like a chess player who must think several moves in advance, players must anticipate how their interventions will affect the complex, fragile and beautiful ecosystem. Formicarium utilizes the power of modern computers not just for stunning graphics, but also for the procedural creation of an environment in a state of constant evolution, according to a biologically-faithful genetic imprint.


If you love challenging cult-classics like Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress, or watching a world unfold under your care and influence, as in the Sims and SimCity, then Formicarium is exactly the sort of game that will delight and engage you. Thank you for supporting us by donating to our Kickstarter to purchase earlybird copies of Formicarium! And thank you for sharing our Kickstarter page on Facebook (Formicarium2014), Twitter (@Ants2014) and among your friends! Every small donation actually counts for a lot. And, even if you cannot pledge money, you can support us simply by sharing the message of Formicarium’s Kickstarter. Thank you so much!


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