Procedural games about bees

I love procedual games and I’m super interested in insects. When I heard that the game design students from Zurich would do games about bees for their procedural game design course, I went nuts. Now the prototypes are done and I want to share them with you!


Change the genetics of your bee in the laboratory and let it fly through a dangerous parcour, designed by a mad scientist! Experiment until you manage to create the ultimate bee.

Created by Don Schmocker & Melanie Vetterli




The player takes the role of a queen bee who has to find her worker bees who have fled the hive after a hornet attack. She has until sunset to save her colony from extinction. But the meadow isn’t as peaceful as it seems – hornets and other dangers are waiting for the queen to make a mistake.

Created by Dominik Troxler




A roguelike action game about a robotic bee whose task is clearing beehives from parasites and healing infected bees.
This game will be getting a sequel, in spirit at least. So stay tuned!

Created by Alice Ruppert & Martina Hugentobler




Multiplayer time! The scene: A junk jard, The actors: Two mechanical insects fighting over fireflies.
If your insect is destroyed it will be procedurally re-composed within second but with completly new stats.

Created by Dominik Haas & Aline Baumgartner
Drones Procedural games about bees



To Bee or Not to Bee

A turn-based strategy game where you control a bee colony that has to survive the expansion of another bee species, hostile and dangerous. Explore the levels and send your bees out to gather nectar and produce enough honey to win. Always stay in motion and out of the reach of the enemy as good as possible. Place your hives on new locations to protect them as you cannot actively fight the opponent.

Created by Fabian Brunner
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A quite trippy experiment about procedural level design, hands off beat visualization and beat detection.

Created by Goran Saric & Christian Schmidhalter
BeeHigh1 Procedural games about bees



A Bees Life

In this game you play as a Bee searching the fields for flowers with your friends.
The Goal is simple: collect the pollen of several flowers and bring them to the beehive.

Created by Flavian Schwitter
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Well that’s it for now. I’m really impressed by the diversity and quality of the prototypes, considering that they where developed in less than two months. As a turnbased strategy games lover I was especially hooked by To Bee or Not to Bee, still have to beat that super hard third level…

Are you interested in one of the games? The developers will be happy to receive an email from you!
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As a side-note: The very first prototype for Niche – a genetics survival game was also created during the very same procedural game design course last year. And it looked like this:

Acomodo Procedural games about bees